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Business Setup Services in United Arab Emirates

The UAE is one of the most profitable pieces of land on earth, which is leading the way of developing and offering new business opportunities for foreign investors in the region. The strategic location it offers, allows it to act as a balancing fulcrum of an international market. The 2020 Expo is all set to devise a faster level of economic growth as compare to any other country. If there is a good time for company setup, it is NOW.

This city is known all over the world due to tax haven quality for the investor. To explore the unending potential of the UAE, this city is the one you should choose in the Middle East. The high-level of infrastructure, political stability, and the rapidly flourishing economy has boomed the prospects and increased the groundbreaking chances of new business setup in Dubai.

AMADLAW is registered within UAE (United Arab Emirates) and is wholly licensed by the Local Authority for the provision of business set up in Free Zones and consulting services within the Middle East. AMADLAW is a direct registration agent of economic sectors RAK ICC, RAK IA and Ajman FZ. We treat client issues as our own, which allows score with minimum costs.

We Are Here for Every Type of Company Setup

Business Setup with Amadlaw

  • Mainland

This region offers multiple benefits for your product and services from all the sectors. Having a highly developed economy, UAE offers an efficient and high-quality environment for your firm to thrive. We will guide you about every possibilities and limitation you may face during LLC company setup.

  • International companies

With amazing capacity, prosperity and privileges of any other setup, this type of incorporation are one of the best tax-free options for international standards. Regulations are flexible and framed to provide convenience for global corporations. Let Amadlaw help you in a new business setup in Dubai while you stay in your home country.

  • Freezone

This is the most viable area to start a 100% ownership company. From selecting a free zone among the most profitable one to registration and licensing of your new business setup freezone, Amadlaw provides step to step assistance without any hassle. You can choose from DAFZA, JAFZA, DPC, DMCC, DSO, Studio City, DMC, DIFC, DIC, DIAC, DHCC and many other free zones to start your venture.



Is it possible to register Charity Fund in Emirates?

Yes, it is.

Charity Society License Type Professional

Activity Description Includes charity societies founded for collecting donations, grants and alms, and spending them on the charity works and projects either inside or outside the country, expenditure aspects include in particular grants for the needy muslims, students, orphans, preachers, building mosques, schools etc.

LLC company – what role plays Sponsor?

In LLC companies sponsor (UAE resident) owns at least 51% of share capital. In professional LLC companies (doctors, lawyers, etc.) foreigner may own 100% of share capital; in such a case Sponsor acts as an Agent of the company. 51% of share capital is rudimental statutory indicator of UAE law.

Amendment cancelling such restriction is under discussion for years. Sponsor often play nominal role (except for reception of annual fixed remuneration). Sponsor fee comprises (15000 – 20000 AED), that is 4000-5500 USD per annum. Sponsor does not interfere in management of the company.

Sponsor shall also close business is foreign investor decides not to extend term of company activity.

May a company perform several types of activity?

It may only within the scope of the General Trading license which permits carrying out of no more than five types of related activity. For such companies size of share capital is increased by 1 million dirham.

Use of Nominal Service in Emirate companies?

Formally. It is possible. It should be noted that there is no such term “NOMINAL” in UAE legislation.

Therefore, subject to local law, shareholder of the company would be considered as ultimate “BENEFICIARY”. The same is true about nominal Director of Emirate company.

From the other side, TRUST document with real Beneficiary may be executed for nominal Shareholder and Nominal Director, if law effective within jurisdiction of nominal contains provisions of Trust Law.

What documents are required for opening of an International company in UAE?

Color copy of valid passport
Letter from the bank confirming existence of operating personal account
Confirmation of residence (cell phone bill is fair enough)
Brief CV in arbitrary form (for information)

What type of companies could be registered in UAE?

International (offshore) company is the most simple and low cost type of company that may operate only outside UAE. No need for office in UAE. Residential Visa is not available.

Free Zone Company (FZE or FZC) may operate both outside UAE as well as only within Free Zone in which it has been incorporated. Office in UAE is a prerequisite. Residential Visa could be obtained.

LLC Company presupposes existence of local Sponsor with at least 51% in share capital of the company. For professional companies 100% capital is permitted for foreigners. Company may operate everywhere in the world. Office in UAE is a prerequisite. Residential Visa could be obtained.


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