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How to get UAE citizenship / UAE passport as a foreigner?

How to get UAE citizenship / UAE passport as a foreigner?

Amendments allowing foreigners to obtain UAE citizenship

The UAE government has approved amendments to citizenship and passport legislations, allowing certain categories of foreign nationals, their spouses, and their children to obtain UAE citizenship. These amendments include specific requirements for each category and allow the newly naturalized citizen to retain their original citizenship.

Categories of foreign nationals who may apply for UAE citizenship

The following categories of foreign nationals may be eligible for UAE citizenship:

- Investors
- Doctors
- Specialists
- Inventors
- Scientists
- Intellectuals
- Individuals with creative talents

Conditions for obtaining UAE citizenship

Conditions for each category of nominees:

  • An investor must own real estate in the UAE.
  • A doctor or specialist should specialize in scientific disciplines important to the UAE and should have recognized scientific contributions with practical experience of at least 10 years. They must be a member of a reputable organization in their field of specialization.
  • A scientist should be an active researcher either at a university, at a research center, or in the private sector. They should have practical experience of at least 10 years in the same field and should have reputable contributions to their profession. They should also have a recommendation letter from an acknowledged scientific institution in the UAE.
  • An inventor should have one or more patents approved by Ministry of Economy of the UAE or any other recognized international body. They should also have a recommendation letter from Ministry of Education.
  • Intellectuals and people with creative talents should be pioneers in the art and culture field and should have won at least one international award. A recommendation letter from the relevant government bodies is also required.


Candidates who are eligible must:

- Take the oath of loyalty and allegiance to the UAE
- Respect and follow the laws of the UAE
- Inform the UAE government in case of acquisition or loss of any other citizenship


Citizenship may be revoked in case of violation of these conditions.


How can I get citizenship in the UAE?

You can obtain UAE citizenship only through the Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Courts, Offices of the Executive Councils and Cabinet of Ministers based on the nominations of federal entities.

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