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Company Partnership and Registration in UAE

Attraction of professional introducers for registration of companies in Emirates

We offer a professional service and respectable advice to ensure support to all our clients in the taxpaying and consultancy domain. Some companies or professional lawyers may be granted with the right to solely execute registration documents, of a newly opened company in Emirates and certify signatures of shareholders and directors. We respect all legal entities as introducers who are willing to register.

Original copies of all relevant documents are to be submitted to our offices. This will perform the formal application process. The introducer initially gains all rights and terms of the submission of documents required.

Advantages of cooperation of introducers with AMADLAW:

  • Cost of company registration for professional introducers is significantly lower than the standard price, in total by 15-20% differs from state tariffs.
  • We are ready to accommodate each partner and settle issues on a case-by-case basis.
  • The partner-introducer gets the right to audit any individual through independent organizations.
  • World-Check and reception of official statement with 70% discount.

Please contact us  for reception of additional documents.

Открыть бизнес в эмиратах
Company registration in Emirates (UAE)

Company re-domiciliation program

Amadlaw also refers to the options available for the exchange of an effective company registered in any traditional offshore jurisdictions on UAE international companies.

Why exchange?

  • ultimate owner of the company
  • shareholder
  • beneficiary

The only condition is that the company must be active upon exchange, and the company name shall be accepted by Registration Authority.

As a result, ultimate shareholder or beneficiary acquires legal entity inside reputed jurisdiction and an option of opening an account with first-class banks within the territory of the same country.

The place of company registration and place of account opening will coincide. Companies incorporated in one country and accounts opened in another country, would be eliminated.

What is the main idea of such proposal?

Standard extension fee of offshore companies by the ultimate owner comprises approximately 1000 US dollars.

Amadlaw is ready to exchange traditional offshore companies for newly registered companies in the United Emirates.