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Data provision limitations

AMAD LAW CORPORATE SERVICES PROVIDER was registered subject to law and relevant Provision of the United Arab Emirates.

Company operates within UAE.
Company performs legal management and consulting that is special type of company activity.
Sometimes the company may interact with other legal entities and/or natural persons both inside and outside United Arab Emirates guided by suitability principles.

AMAD LAW CORPORATE SERVICES PROVIDER, followed by spirit and letter of UAE laws, documents of Dubai police department and instructions of His Highness Emir Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, is limited to provision of the following information:

  • any confidential information as it is specified in agreements or contracts to which AMADLAW is a party and limits rights of AMADLAW to use such information as specified in the contract, including intellectual property and other confidential information;
  • internal notes, files, disks, memorandums and correspondence, including e-mail, as well as documents related to internal communication process between employees of AMADLAW, if disclosure of information harms free and independent decision making process of the Company;
  • documents related to legal immunity;
  • information on disciplinary and investigation received within AMADLAW or for AMADLAW;
  • personal records, data concerning client’s health, data on employees.
  • documents created within AMADLAW, received from or transferred to third parties;
  • documents containing commercial data of AMADLAW, as well as any records received from and/or transferred to state, municipal or other authorities of UAE.

The above-mentioned information may be disclosed, if it is free from decision, subpoena, and order of the Court or Police Department of UAE.
The following shall be kept in mind by every person:

  1. Illegal access to any information system, I-cloud, DropBox or to websites, is prohibited; right of integrity is constitution right in UAE.
  2. Violation of data integrity may result in severe fines, including penalties and arrest.
  3. Relevant laws: Law No 2/2002 (Dubai) (ETCL)-electronic transaction and commerce law, Federal law of UAE 2 of 2006 on Prevention of Information technology criminal actions (PITC Law), Constitution of UAE and Criminal Code of UAE.