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Company Registration in Singapore

amadlaw-company-registration-in-singaporeSingapore is consistently growing and becoming the biggest financial hub across the globe. Singapore offers amazing business opportunities in the Asia pacific region to leading economies. With an exceptional environmental and sound company infrastructure, Singapore strives to encourage business entrepreneurs to start up business in their country.

For company professionals to establish a new business in Singapore, there must be clear understanding of the different structures offered to offshore individuals, so that we can present the options most suitable to you.

Companies in Singapore are registered as private LTD businesses. Given the company meets the following satisfactory demands:

  • A Company secretary
  • Shareholders
    • A Director who is resident in Singapore
    • Paid Capital
    • Registered Singapore Address

The company can be owned 100% by overseas nationals, but at least one director in the company shareholding must be a Singapore resident.

Companies established overseas can gain presence in Singapore by incorporating a new company or by opening a representative office.

The above package is proposed to overseas business owners, who wish to start up a subsidiary company or relocate to Singapore.

Thinking about relocating to Singapore? Or starting up a new business in this region? We have qualified agents, who know the ins and out of Singapore laws and regulations. We can assist you in your company registration.