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Legalization of Documents in UAE

amadlaw-legalization-of-documents-in-uaeThe UAE government requires all the documents whether they are education certificates or professional papers to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government. It is one of the necessities for visa requirement. AMADLAW brings all the embassies around the world to your door. Don’t wait up for the arrangements of the attestation, professionals at AMADLAW provide you the services for the attestation and legalization of documents in UAE. We coordinate with government and state agencies to legalize your documents on essential standards so that you can use them abroad.

Relocating overseas to the UAE can be very daunting task. If you are relocating for the purpose of work, residence, education or business prospective; you will need to ensure that all your documents are legalized.

Documents that are Subject to Legalization in the Emirates:

  • Diplomas, University Certificates, Academic transcripts;
  • Constitutional documents: Article of association, extracts, resolutions of directors and owners
  • Marriage certificate, birth, divorce
  • Trade agreements, Contracts
  • Fingerprints

The procedure for legalizing official documents depends on the county of issue. It takes a lot of effort and steps to get our documents registered. AMADLAW provide the expertise to make this task easy and reliable.

For documents issued overseas the legalization is as follows:

  • Documents should be certified by the public notary
  • All documents should be in English or Arabic
  • Diploma of higher education must be certified by the Ministry of Education
  • Certification is required in the UAE consulate,  in the country that issued the document
  • Certification in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai

Certification of documents that have been issued in the United Arab Emirates, is subject to different procedure:

  • Documents must be translated into English / Arabic and certified by the issuing authority
  • Certification in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates
  • Documents with the translation must be certified by the consulate of the country.
  • Execution of certification copy – for legal persons.

Normally, legalization of documents in the UAE is done within 5-7 days. The costs and terms of legalization depend on the type of document. Official certification of documents for individuals usually costs less than legalization of documents for companies.

You can start your document legalization procedure today with AMADLAW.