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Licence Renewal


All companies in the UAE obtain business permits for a limited period of time. Usually all licenses are issued for one year. After the expiration date you are required to apply again and pay all government fees.

When you know what you're doing this can be a pretty simple job, if you do not intend to change your address or sponsorship. As a busy entrepreneur you generally do not have time to focus on the paperwork and fill out all the applications. That's why AMADLAW is here to help; we have professional consultants who have years of experience in the renewal of trade permits.

At AMADLAW we offer our clients a cost effective sponsorship and business address if required. Our sponsors are extremely qualified personnel who will have very little involvement in your enterprise.

Dubai Company License renewal

Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) is dedicated to saving time, money and energy when delivering new licences to their owners. The application process is continuously being updated to increase efficiency. To help you to the To the the CAN for for for We renew your license on time.
Applying for a new license in the the the the Emirates

For foreign businesses and branches of GCC, Free zone and UAE, you must have present a copy of the parent companies trade licence.

When you submit the necessary documents you will be issued with a transaction number, which you can use when paying.

The following certificates will be required:

  • Registration Application form with all detail filled in
  • Photocopies of past licenses
  • A in regards to renewal from the ministry of Economy
  • Rental agreement
  • Office lease contract or photocopy
  • Warehouse records if applicable
  • No-objection letter from the government
  • Consent from the authorities

Do not forget: Your licence must be renewed before it expires otherwise you will be presented with a fine.