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Company Liquidation

business setup

The liquidation of a business is a very serious issue. The liquidator takes full control over all assets , leaving you with no credit. You will of address close e-And with immediate effect.
Once the elimination is 100% complete you will be removed from the register.

This process can be extremely long and stressful with many complicated aspects. At AMADLAW we offer you assistance in saving a time by taking on the withdrawal procedure of your company and supporting you along the way.

Throughout the liquidation and the cancellation of your permit. The UAE provides a number of complicated aspect to begin the cancelation, such as:

  • Closing of all corporate accounts
  • Statements
  • Final declaration
  • Telecommunication services.

It is also primary to submit and present a final report and close all family visas that are associated with the company.

At AMADLAW we have highly experienced legal consultants that can guide you in the right direction.

The main consequences of the business being liquidated are as follows:

  • You will no longer be a partner in any company in the UAE
  • You can only continue functioning for a limited time

What businesses can you liquidate, or close down?

We cover all enterprise in Dubai across main set ups in the UAE ie: Free zone, mainland, offshore and limited.

Things to consider:

If shareholders or directors leave the country before the company is not closed down correctly, they may face serious consequences or be denied entry if ever wishing to enter the Emirate again.

If all due penalties and debts are cleared this will be overturned

Why AMADLAW for liquidation solutions

Professional business consultants of As we recommend you That the carry out the this procedure to help with the of a legal-Recognized Advisors AT AMADLAW.
For We therefore advise Strongly That you Appoint a licensed by expert to the ensure the correct and legitimate solutions are Processes Carried out Entirely.

  • Yes, liquidating your business in the United Emirates can be an extremely stressful time for the owners. However, it does not have to be.
  • When joining AMADLAW we take responsibility at a cost effective price. We guarantee that you are completely aware and gain full understanding of how the process will work. Call us today, and leave your contact details with one of our legal advisors and they will get back to you accordingly.