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Real Estate Registration in UAE

amadlaw-registration-of-real-estate-in-uaeAccording to the procedures of real estate registration in UAE, the services can be accessed through DIFC. Comprising of many technical steps and documentation processes, the registration could take ages if you don’t get the services of a consultant. The professionals at AMADLAW are striving to provide the top notch and reliable services for the registration of your properties in the UAE.

Foreign citizens were entitled to buy and lease estate in emirates only since 2006. It is worth noting that estate acquisition by foreigners has been permitted only at so-called “special territories” in form of “Freehold”, including certain regions of emirates. At remaining territory usually called by English term “Leasehold”, foreigners are entitled to lease estate only for a long term (up to 99 years).

United Arab Emirates is a place where there are no income tax and estate tax and where a Foreigner may buy estate under full ownership rights.

Advantages of investments in UAE real estate:

  • High living standard and advantageous geographical location the UAE lies between Europe and Asia
  • Safety and stability of economy
  • Developed tourist, Financial, entertainment and business infrastructure
  • Developed Infrastructure for children – Schools & International Universities
  • High level of demand for estate, both commercial and residential,
  • for ownership and lease
  • Flexible ownership rights,
  • Stable income on investment
  • No tax
  • Significant Potential for growth of estate and price
  • Understandable Legislation Protecting investor interests

Registration of real estate for an individual

If the buyer is an individual, he / she requires passport for registration of transaction.

Registration of Estate for a Company

Companies can legally acquires the real estate, and for that they need constitutive documents, certificate of registration, and resolution of the board on investments and so much more. Most of the time the process of real estate registration for companies is so complicated that legal glitches remain. The professional consultants of AMADLAW make sure that there are no errors left legally to secure the real estate in UAE.

Terms and Restrictions

Nowadays, any foreign citizen having real estate within UAE gets all necessary rights for resale, lease, granting or leaving, etc. Estate acquired at “special territories” in UAE is full ownership of the buyer.

Cost and taxes

Sale of any property in Emirates is not subject to tax. The parties pay a registration fee upon registration.

Department imposes the land registration fee upon the resale of the estate, in amount of from 0.5 – 4% of the cost of transaction. The fee settled by buyer of the property.

Services of realtors in amount from 1 to 5% of the cost of property shall be paid by the buyer.

Let us make you understand the hard language of laws and taxes which are hidden under such quotes. Contact AMADLAW to make your registration of real estate easier in UAE.