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Visa Support in UAE

amadlaw-uae-residence-visaPress enter to to to Press the Press the the CAN Anyone United the the the Emirates with the correct visa.
Short stay and tourist visas are available for up closeup closeup closeup to 30 days, anything longer requires a visitor or resident visa. Which will be applied for once you are employed in the UAE.

The following Documents are needed for a tourist Visa in the UAE

  • International passport
  • Flight tickets

These must be given to the Immigration Department of UAE

* The following documents can be scanned and emailed to

In order to enter the UAE, your passport must be valid for at least the before the expiry 3 months.
Of of The the the If you have to Applying for a visa to the Press Press Press enter to to the the UAE to the, the the the this the the CAN to around- to take 5 business days.
Individuals Press Press enter to the CAN to the the UAE Within the 60 days from the issuance of an employment visa . From the date of entry this visa is valid for 30 following days.

A resident visa can be issued in many different ways:

  • Resident visa obtained under acquisition of real estate.

Cost of visa is 10,000 dirham.

A resident visa gives certain individuals the right to stay within the country for (2 years with further extension)

However, it does not provide the right to work. The cost of buying estate will be the minimum of at least 1 million AED.

  • A labour visa applied for through employment (Free Zone or LLC), this provides the right of (2- 3 years with further extension) in the UAE. This visa type gives you the right to open an account at any UAE bank. Unless you are self-employed this visa will have been applied for by your new employer.
  • A UAE resident visa stated head of house hold provides foreign citizens the right to stay in the country on a visa for up to 3 years with further extension available. This option will only be available to wife's who mother a child under the age of 18.

The timing for visa application can vary depending on the nationality and grounds of its reception, usually this process can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month.

To be able to maintain a resident visa you will be required to supply finger prints and medical tests once every 3 years, given you stay under the same employment visa.