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Wills for Non-Muslims in UAE, Protect your assets!

Utilizing our proven track of Wills approval by the DIFC, Amadlaw is striving to provide the best services in legal sector of UAE for every individual. If you are a Non-Muslim Expatriates residing in the growing economy of UAE and making your assets, you are subjected to make a Will either by a Wills Draftsman who is registered or a Testator. For Those That have the assets in the UAE there is a simple reason to make a Will.  If you will not do this, all of your property and assets will adhere to Sharia’h Law by default according to the Court of UAE.

A legal Will is an instrument that permits a person, the testator, to make decisions on how his estate will be managed and distributed after his death. This means if person (i.e. Christian) dies without a Will, the local Courts then distribute estate according to the Shari’ah Guardians Laws of the distribution of estate. An owner and people related to him/her can have some surprising and unwanted implications.

It is important to have a will to protect, secure assets and children, and be prepared for all that may happen tomorrow.

For Business people

It is strongly advised for business people to have a Will in order to avoid uncertainty and lack of familiarity with distribution of their assets and legacy at the time of death.

Many business people are unaware that if they do not make a will, the process of transferring theirs assets to their loved ones after death will be guided by Sharia that differs significantly from the traditions and habits of their own cultures.

Will for no-Muslim allows choosing the beneficiaries, ultimately ensuring that the persons’ wishes as stated in their will are carried out upon their death.

It is designed to protect people’s assets, their family and loved ones after death. Lawyers at AMADLAW can help you with making your will. We offer you consultation and support in the UAE court.