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Consultation for Setting Business in Media City Dubai

Dubai Free Zones has always provided the direction of ensuring different companies and corporations which belong to various industries thrive in good times and ensure maximum performance in both services and manufacturing. In short, by providing ultimate benefits, they have constructed a profitable ecosystem for these struggling and established industries in which they can develop into a free economic zone without the requirement to pay taxes. Dubai Media City Free Zone is no different and establishes an ecosystem and similar conditions for media-based businesses and industries. Multimedia well-sought after, but it is one of the most neglected areas in terms of government attention. With the creation of Dubai Media City Free Zone in 2001, the Dubai government has established that it refers not only to help the limits of multimedia in the regional market as well as develop.

Registering with Dubai Media City Free Zone

Before going into the details, how you can enroll in this Free Zone, you first require a detailed knowledge of the type of media-centric businesses and enterprises that Dubai has free areas. Some of the different types of companies located in the affluent area since its establishment in 2001.

  • Marketing Facilities,
  • Media Services,
  • Advertising & Communication Corporations,
  • Event Management and Organization,
  • Media Consultancy,
  • Support Services for Media,
  • Event Support Facilities,
  • Freelancers,
  • New Media, and
  • NonProfit Associations

If you are among these groups, you and your company are eligible for listing in Free Zone Dubai Media City. With the professional help of recording companies, such as free registration area in UAE, you can have your company, business or yourself registered in the Free Zone in a few days, which could otherwise take a month.

Type of licenses:

  1. Mass media and marketing services
  2. Business and information services
  3. Mass media support services and development
  4. Arrangement of events and entertainment
  5. Consultancy and retail trade

Benefits For Companies Registering In Media City Free Zone

The major aim of this Free Zone is an extension for media companies, as well as individual experts from a business environment where they can glorify the essence of pure freedom. Now, the question arises, what is freedom? Well, this freedom is at the heart of all the advantages of media companies and companies will benefit Dubai Media City Free Zone and offer amazing facilities including

  • 100% owners of foreign and domestic,
  • Multiple value-added services,
  • Income tax for free,
  • Management Services www
  • Networking opportunities,
  • Government and, finally,
  • Programs of industrial construction

Apart from all this very lucrative and utilizing services, This Free Zone of Media in Dubai also allows commercial media setups in their neighborhood to communicate and produce top notch results in terms of economic, technological development as well as in marketing. If you want an example of success then you can find various well-known organizations that are rooting in Dubai Media City Free Zone including Forbes, Sony, Bertelsmann, CNN, Showtime, CNBC, Reuters, MBC, etc.

Why Us?

Amadlaw has a team of professional experts who can offer their expertise in their field to help various customers for the registration of a company in Dubai in different ways using different methods. In addition, we provide support for both free zones and companies in a non-free zone in Dubai. Based on customer requirements, our team of experts provides them with:

  • Development of education domain
  • Economic policy
  • Business location at choice
  • Business support
  • Subsequently strong economic perspective
  • Easy access to regional markets
  • Strong trade
  • Flourishing tourism
  • Multinational environment
  • Safe and stable basis for business