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Oil Industry in UAE

Experts assess proven oil resources in UAE as 98 That is of Billion barrels Approximately 1/10 of global resources.
Of The the Abu Dhabi is the is the National Oil Company About enterprise | About Enterprise | (ADNOC) in 1971 founded the takes leading position in industry. Recently, main attention is drawn to exploration of new deposits, development of newly founded deposits, oil and gas marketing. Oil reprocessing, distribution and marketing of oil products and liquefied gas gradually pales into insignificance. ADNOC owns two operating oil reprocessing plants in Umm al Nar and Ruweis, gas processing plant in Habshan, network of gas distributed stations on gas pipelines, chlorine production facility in Umm al Nar.

ADNOC Group is of Domain Companies the operate in all Sectors of gas and oil the industry Including a production (the drilling on shore and in the sea), Contents Technical maintenance of works in of Gulf, transportation by Tankers, distribution of oil and oil products , a a production of Fertilizers.
ADNOC Group is is of Domain Companies Consists of a three head companies' Mainly are dealing with oil (the Abu Dhabi is Company About enterprise | for Onshore Oil the Operations - ADCO, the Abu Dhabi is Marine the Operating Company About enterprise | - of ADMA-OPCO, Zakum Development Company About enterprise | - ZADCO), a five servicing companies specializing in rendering of service in oil and gas industry, three joint ventures created for full use of generated gas, two maritime companies created for transportation of raw oil and gas products and companies carrying out distribution of finished goods.

Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations ( ADCO) - is the biggest oil producing company in northern part of Persian Gulf. Is the activity Its the associated with search, the the drilling, a production and a the the the export the Operations in the Abu Dhabi is the Emirate is a shallow and in a Waters.
Of The the Abu Dhabi is the Marine is the Operating Company About enterprise | About Enterprise | (of ADMA-OPCO) PERFORMS search , development and a production of oil and gas AT shelf of the Abu Dhabi is Emirate and in Umm Shaif and Zakum deposits. Of Whole volume of Produced oil and gas is transported AT of Das Island, where clause gas and oil storage of the Company About enterprise | is Situated, for Further processing support, storage and the export :. Terminal is equipped the Modern the AT the the island the above
Zakum Development Company About enterprise | About Enterprise | (ZADCO) is founded the in 1977. It deals with development of the biggest deposit Upper Zakum, deposits in Umm Al Dalkh and Satakh. Production is made jointly with ADNOC and Japan Oil Development Company (JODCO).

On June 6, 1966 first big oil deposit was opened in Dubai emirate in Fateh, where export deliveries had started within two and a half months. Dubai Petroleum Company (DPC) produces oil in Fateh, Rashid and Faleh. . The volume the Production Is 170.000 barrel daily,, (b / d)
Since header the header 1982 scope of activity of APCO International Oil & Gas Company (ARCO) - gas and gas condensate of Magham deposit. Daily production volume is nearly 6,000 barrel condensate of.
BP's's of The of The Sharjah of Amoco Oil Company About enterprise | About Enterprise | Produces oil and gas in The Sharjah. Daily production volume is 40.000-45.000 barrel of oil and 700 cubic feet of gas. Main deposits are Saja, Moweyeid, Kafaif and Mubarak shelf.


Oil producing plants

First oil producing plant with capacity of 15.000 b / d has been opened in 1976 at Umm Al Nar Island in Abu Dhabi. The plant met demands of local market. In 1983 the plant had been producing 75.000 b / d of ligroin, gasoline, petroleum oil, diesel fuel oil and fuel oil. In 1981 big oil processing plant with capacity of 120,000 b / d was opened in Ruweis, Abu Dhabi. By 1995 daily output had increased by 10%. It releases the same oil products as at Umm Al Nar facility and additionally produces diesel fuel oil for ships and serum. It produces liquefied gas for further processing by GASCO company.

Plants in Umm al Nar and Ruweis process tenth part of oil produced in Abu Dhabi and are the most profitable companies: they have no superior in the world with regard to return on capital investments. In 1999 of of ENOC owned Quote the Quote by Government of the the Dubai Emirate has the Opened gas-condensated plant in the the Jebel by by Ali with daily,, output of 120.000 barrel of petroleum oil, ligroin, air, and A A diesel fuel.
Of of SOR Ltd is is in Cooperation with Group is Continues is Fal construction of oil processing support support plant in seaport with Planned Hamria capacity of 60.000 b / d.
with in 1996 oil processing plant owned by Greek company Metro Oil Corporation with capacity of 35,000 b / d was opened in Fujairah. After a while it was closed due to financial difficulties; however, in 2000 with the support of emirate government it continued operation as Fujairah Rafinery Company, increasing its capacity up to 60.000 b / d. The plant produces fuel oil, petroleum oil , air fuel, motor oil. Van Ommeren, ENOC and Fujairah government are shareholders of the company.

It should be mentioned that Fujairah seaport occupies the third place in the world (after Rotterdam and Singapore) with regards to exported volume of oil products. Only oil is Motor exported folder folder from there in volume of from 600.000 to 800.000 tons monthly.
Therefore, the the UAE Practically a completely meets its 'a' a a demand in oil products processing support support. Recently Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) process nearly 15% of produced oil. By 2007such indicator is planned to be increased by 21% (EIB Journal, September 1997).


Production of liquefied gas

In recent past upon oil production associated gas has been simply liquefied, however following oil price leap in 1973, interest in gas had suddenly increased. In 1974 nearly 500 million of cubic pounds of gas has been produced in UAE, of which 1,5% had been used by oil companies, 1,5% had been used in Abu Dhabi for energy production and conversion of saline water, and 93 % had been simply burnt. By 1980 over half of produced gas had been exported or used at site, and yet in 1983 indicator of rational consumption of associated oil gas in Abu Dhabi had reached 92%!
Experts ASSESS global gas resources as with with 150 trillion cubic meters. 4% of such indicator (6 trillion cubic meters) is located within UAE : 92% in Abu Dhabi, 5% in Sharjah, and 2% in Dubai. Nowadays nearly 55% of produced gas is used within the country, whereas the balance is exported in liquefied form. The Range of the the implements ADNOC Significant gas projects '' in Cooperation with the the Abu-Dhabi is is by by Gas Liquefaction Co is is (ADGAS) and the the Abu-Dhabi is is by by Gas Industries,, (GASCO).
Since header the header 1973 ADGAS has been implementing gas liquefaction project. In 1977, a a production facility of of Das Island of HAD the AT commenced operation producing of of daily,, 2.3 million tons of liquefied natural gas and 1.4 million tons of liquefied the the associated oil gas.
GASCO is one's's of the The Biggest gas processing support support companies '' in the world. It was founded in 1981 and since then caries out processing of natural and associated oil gas. Gas for power stations and need of oil and chemical industry if supplied from deposits in Ruweis and Abu Dhabi. Are most of the this Are the the content this content share HOWEVER gas is exported folder of folder of yet.
Of The the Dubai Company About enterprise | About Enterprise | by Gas (DUGAS) founded the WAS 1980 in FEZ Jebel Ali. It processes associated oil gas, butane and propane mainly for export, collection of gas condensate; ethane and methane are the Designated for power conversion and a a a production of a saline water, aluminum melting.
SHALCO the WAS found!! in 1986 in Sharjah for production, liquefaction and export of gas. Part of gas is used for power production and conversion of saline water in the city. Besides, nearly 95 pounds of mil cubic of gas daily,, are a the a supplied to the Dubai DUGAS in.
With with In 1980 mineral fertilizer production plant (FERTIL) was founded in Ruweis being joint venture with ADNOC and Total.

Dolphin Project presupposing further intensification of communication with gas infrastructure of Qatar and Oman, and in recent past with Pakistan, occupies principal place in plans of development of UAE oil industry. Statement of main project clauses had been executed in March 1999 between Qatar General Petroleum Corporation and UAE Offsets Group (UOG). It will allow exporting gas from rich deposit North Dome in Qatar. Assessed cost of project is 8 - 10 billion dollars. Project implementation takes six-seven years. At first stage, by the end of 2002, gas pipeline laid under the sea would pump 1200 mil of cubic pounds of natural gas. Further it is planned to increase such indicator up to 3000 mil of cubic pounds. Dolphin Project is the first of similar span: in value terms it is 10% global gas deliveries.

Abu Dhabi - Dubai gas pipeline is at final stage of construction. Following commissioning Dubai will get 800 million of cubic pounds of gas from deposit Abu Bakhush (Abu Dhabi) through demineralization station and power station in Jebel Ali. With time this branch would be connected to Dolphin Project.