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UAE, A Booming Market for Global Glass Industry


Coming from 27 countries, Over 140 brands found its way to Dubai to get involved at Gulf Glass, the greatest event in community that may run until Sept 27 at the most renowned Dubai World Trade Centre.

With an increase of than 10,000 structure projects currently mixed up in GCC, the demand for a glass related raw material and products is flourishing, making Dubai the local hub for international entrepreneurs and manufacturers to meet and conduct their operations.

German exhibitor Jan Ziesak, confirms by stating: "Just look outside the house: it's packed with facades and goblet almost everywhere, which we can decorate and process; there are huge opportunities here." The business has sold its first glass processing equipment in Saudi Arabia four calendar months previously, and forecasts the UAE market to soon turn into a major one for the international glass business.

Getting the latest in laser beam technology to process glass with both surface markings and subsurface engraving, the international company promises low costs for development and unprecedented opportunities for attractive glass market that is obsolete sandblasting methods cannot provide. " It is not an industry, in fact Glass is the artwork for home design and building materials," expresses Ziesak.

Indeed, today a variety of glass solutions are utilized by interior designers and architects in Dubai: "From bathtub products with ornamental or satin glass, to anti-slip flooring, and the latest mirrors with satin touch," Turkish exhibitor Yourglas is utilizing complete range of glass solution to the UAE. "We export in 55 countries, from New Zealand to Canada, however the Gulf region is a particular market for all of us, where we've many ongoing jobs and clients," offers Tatli.

Chinese language exhibitor, SGU, agrees: "The UAE and GCC market segments are doing great, and we consider there's lots of potential in your community; that is why we helped bring our machines to Gulf industry, which actually captivated big crowds to your stand," says Jennifer Xun, a company representative. The 2.5m large and 3.6 m long milling machine on screen is one of the numerous products SGU is exporting to UAE companies, which in turn supply glass to the contractors in the various sector.

More than simply an attractive solution for the building and home design industries, however, glass is a significant packaging material that is also 100% recyclable. At Gulf Goblet, TSSC is showing its new selection of PEL Container Crushers and the first nationwide closed-loop glass container recycling program. When empty containers are went back to the service area, they could be easily inserted in to the bottle crusher rather than being thrown into bins to be monitored later. "Our glass container throw away should be accepted as a very important recyclable product," stated by Brand Director, Erickson Daiz.

This exhibition is sponsored by Tecpro and Forel as Silver Sponsors. Organised every 2 years, the function can be an unmissable one stop look for all things a glass. It hosts suppliers of finished products, glass creation technology and equipment, glass control & finishing alternatives, measurement, evaluation & control technology, tools, free parts, as well as auxiliary equipment.