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Opening a Bank Account in the UAE


Local authorities in the UAE welcome the presence of the top 100 well known global banks.

It is primary that all individuals wishing to open an account in the United Emirates obtain a residence visa, which proves your rights to reside in the country.

Some UAE banks may ask to see a copy of the following documents:

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Salary certificate
  • copy of your passport
  • Photographic Identification

Your salary certificate will need to state your monthly income and be signed by your employer.

For UAE residents with working visas, all UAE banks will instantly open a current account. One may obtain a credit and debit card given their earnings. There are no restrictions concerning account transactions and Internet banking.

Having a check book is necessary and applies to all residents living in the United Emirates.

Formally, there are no restrictions concerning account opening for people or legal entities. However, there are some requirements listed below:

  • The person managing the account must be over 21 years old.
  • You must have proof of your entry visa and border crossing stamp.

When opening a UAE bank account there is three different stages:

  • Execution of application forms in the presence of an official banking employee
  • Compliance for account opening (2 weeks)

Receipt of account numbers and management codes by the client (1-2 weeks)

For non-residents in the UAE

If you do not have a UAE residence visa and you have entered the United Emirates under a tourist vis

a. Banks will only allow you to open a savings account. A non-resident bank account will have certain restrictions in com

parison to an official residents account.

If you enter the UAE on a tourist visa you will only gain access to a debit card, which will allow you to wi

thdraw funds stored in the account. Internet banking is possible for some non UAE residents, depending on the candi

date's status.

Although, a check book is not applicable. Given all of the above banks may refuse to open any account, when only a tourist visa is obtained.

The cost of account management and transactions is around 10-20 dollars.

Opening a corporate account in the UAE

When opening a cooperate account in the UAE you must consider the following requirements:


  • Local banks do not encourage and practically DO NOT open accounts for legal entities registered outside the UAE.
  • For companies incorporated in UAE in the form of FZC, FZE, FZCo and LLC, an account may be opened with any UAE bank.

For International or "offshore" companies incorporated in the UAE an account may be opened in some UAE banks depending on their regulations and laws.

At present International companies can open an account in the following UAE banks:

  • Noor Islamic Bank
  • Emirates NBD
  • Mashreq Bank.

"Amadlaw" provide robust corporate and individual account opening services to companies, with the most recognised banks operating in the UAE.

We prepare and analyse client documentation and present them on your behalf to UAE banks in the most manageable condition, to secure your account opening is efficient and easy.

Opening Account in Bank of Georgia

JSC Bank of Georgia is the leading Georgian bank with a market share of 33.0% (based on total assets), 32.0% (based on total loans) and 32.8% (based on client deposits) as at 31 March 2017.

The Bank offers a broad range of retail banking, corporate banking and investment management services.

Our specialists will prepare and analyze the company documentation and present it to the bank in order to open the account for your company in shortest terms.