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The Masters Of International companies

new uk rules

Due to a legislation ordained in the UK parliament in the month of January this year, from 6th of April 2016 and onwards, most of the UK Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are legally required to uphold, sustain and keep a PSC register and the who have the Individuals the control of the companies '' and LLPs of the will of the BE subjected to requisite disclosure.
the the PSC is Actually

  • An individual who upholds, in a direct or indirect manner, more than 25%
  • An individual who upholds, in a direct or indirect manner, more than 25% of the voting rights of the corporation
  • An individual who upholds the right, in a direct or indirect manner, to assign or eliminate a major portion of the board of directors of the corporation.
  • An individual who is rightful to exercise momentous influence or control throughout the corporation.

The EU is also initiating the same steps as a part of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive which came into existence in June 2015 and which should be enforced by all the member states by June 2017. For this reason, the register will recognize those personnel who are the terminal profitable holders in combination with those persons who practice or have the right to practice influence or control over the business of the corporation.

The concerned information is provided on the website of the

Please keep in mind that if you are a PSC in a corporation then it will be obligatory for you to disclose all of your details and the nature of the relationship you hold with the corporation.

The If you have a feeling That IT of might the BE risky, or you are the concerned about privacy, or you want to review your the post the then IT is better for you to contact us SO That we CAN discuss the matter with you.
of the the above quoted guidelines are Applicable for the following jurisdictions of British Common wealth States: BVI, Beize, Seychelles and etc.

If you want to review your corporation's jurisdiction and avoid information disclosure, then you must contact us for further discussing about the re-domiciliation in the UAE