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DBWC & UN Partnership Aims to Increase Women’s Participation in The UAE

womens-participation-in-the-uaeThe cooperation is aimed at supporting the UAE's efforts to increase women's participation in the labor market in accordance with the principles of UN women's empowerment.

An initiative launched in 1999 by the United Nations Coalition (with the Global UAE) and the United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, is the largest sustainable development program in the world in the areas of human rights, environmental management and the fight against corruption Support the ten principles.

Women's participation in the GCC is still one of the lowest in the world, so one of the major and considering issues is the announcement and implementation of gender balance in the UAE.

This collaboration will be a key factor in the UAE in 2021 goal, making the UAE stand among 1 of the renowned 25 countries of gender balance in the world.

Some improvements have been made in recent years, mainly due to the initiatives of the UAE government, such as the gender balance established in the UAE in 2015, the private sector has also done the same with free childcare offices and working time and hours which are flexible for them. More than half of the GCCs consider the diversity of gender as part of the strategic plan, according to a study by Kearney Consultants in 2016.

Nevertheless, the working women of UAE still face challenges.

According to an authentic research conducted in the year of 2016 by renowned Oxford Strategic Consulting, the UAE females are significantly and prominently more likely to mention jobs awareness than males (37% vs. 27%), in the same research the suitability of jobs was considered which comes around 37% vs. 25%, the women are also better in approaching companies as compare to men (27% vs. 15%) as the value of difficulties encountered during the event of job search". In another survey conducted by A.T. Kearney, 44 % of the included respondents identified "lack of support" and "cultural barriers" as the top challenges and issues women face.

Dubai Business WomenAccording to a study conducted by the University of Oxford Strategy Consultation in 2016, women who are working in the UAE were significantly more likely than men to report work (37% vs. 27%) suitability &awareness to approach companies (37% vs 25%) and difficulties in finding a job (27% vs. 15%), and identified 44% of respondents, conducted by Kearney in another study, of "lack of support” and"cultural barriers".

In addition, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that in 2008-9 years, women's participation rate of UAE stands in second place (25% in the Gulf Cooperation Council, in comparison with the leadership of Kuwait). The only country, low turnout is Saudi Arabia.

Al Gurga questioned the precision of these numbers when Bay News asked him, "I do not agree that this argument should not be too low for the initiative, which takes place here in the UAE.”

In response to Gulf private sector news to achieve gender balance in combatant government, Dr. Al Gurga believes that women who work for private companies and the public sector should have the same hours of work, leave the office around 1-2pm.

According to a 2012 report which was published by a renowned company, the UAE economy will boost about 12% of GDP growth if the employment for women increases.