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Most potential industries to grow in UAE

AMADlaw industry

It has long been assumed that UAE’s riches come from its natural reserves of hydrocarbons but over the years we’ve seen how other industries have been blooming the economy. Today we, at Amadlaw, have gathered a list of small businesses most likely to succeed in the year 2017 for if you’ve gathered courage enough and looking to launch a small business of your own, you can review the following lesser-investment-requiring three industries expected to make a good score:

- Trading:

The consumers in UAE up until the last surveys in 2016 have rather been more convenient to traditional physical-shopping from some of the biggest malls in the world but seeing as how digital world is changing our lifestyle so dramatically it can be predicted that within this year, there could be a rise in online shopping in the UAE. A smart entrepreneur should already have something on the web for the people of UAE.

Since almost forever, UAE is famed for its up-market lifestyle, which is highly dependent on the love for finer goods such as designers’ clothing, fine wines, champagne, spirits, watches and jewelry so there’s ample to trade/sell/offer.

- Digital agency:

Like I said, the digital world has already changed the way we live. And it’s evident that if businesses want to succeed at winning consumers’ heart and mind, they need to captivate the attention of people through the single most often used medium, social media. With a new business rising everyday in UAE, it is only sensical that these would require to market themselves sooner or later or if not advertise at least have a digital media presence of their own as a sign of credibility.

- Restaurants:

Anywhere in the world, eating out is a favorite hobby irrespective of age, gender, socioeconomic status or any other categorization. With this region though, there is an added advantage, thanks to expats, tourists, and malls. This is a sector that will continue to grow and offer newer and finer variety for one of the most metropolitan and inter-continental audiences in the world.

If you’re looking to invest here, as a favorite, please do add French fries to the menu

Here’s our little piece to help you with choosing the kind of business you would want to excel in. In the end, though, it has to be your passion that converts into a purpose when you act on it and contribute to society while also making a living for yourself, a very lavish one, indeed, we hope.