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Dubai Chamber of Commerce Starts 5 New Initiatives for New Business

Dubai offers one of the most flourishing and stabilized economy and it is the fastest growing city of the world. There is a great part played by Dubai Chamber of Commerce in blooming this city.

Established in 1965, Dubai Chamber of Commerce protects and support the businesses in the region. Making the city an international platform for companies all over the world, this department has build various strategies.

To boost the economy further and making the environment feasible for new businesses, Dubai Chamber of Commerce is starting 5 initiatives for new businesses. The efforts are determined to foster development and innovation in entrepreneurial ecosystem. Under the development program of Tejar Dubai, and Dubai Start Up Hub platform, this department has conducted various competitions and received over 28 prosperous business ideas among which 14 were approve by judges sitting in the panel. Attracting hundreds of participants, these programs has launched 25 new businesses till date.


How it Helps

The major goal of this department is to build a favorable environment for every entrepreneur and sector in Dubai and making this city a business hub for foreign investors.

This department assist each and every business regardless of this size and capital they put in.

Services of Department

  • Mediator in several dispute resolutions, this department can issue ATA carnets, certificates of origins, and other legal services.
  • It can receive an send foreign delegates.
  • This department organizes exhibition, economic forums, training programs for entrepreneurs, trade fair, etc.
  • If you want to access services of credit rating, Dubai Chamber of Commerce will help.
  • Reliable and resourceful researches on new and existing business are uploaded frequently.
  • This department supports in upbringing of SMEs.
  • Offers matching services for supporting business in Dubai for sale.


If you will register with Dubai Chamber of Commerce, you will receive many benefits as it offers various added services to foreign and national investors, visitors and businessmen on daily basis.

Before setting up a company in Dubai, you really need to know about the specifications of this regions and environment it offers. If you are a member of this department, you will get extensive information to start our research and compete the rivals.

This department provides the step by step guide to start new business in Dubai with quarterly updates on research material.

If you want to arrange an event, this department will surely help you at discounted rates.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce also helps in finding matching local partners and contract drafting.