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Starting Business in Fujairah Creative City Dubai

Located in the ravishing emirates of world renowned Fujairah, Creative City was founded in 2007, today it is definitely one of the most progressive areas offering to license easily as a productive solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals.

It is really difficult to find such affordable and competitive solutions anywhere else in the world for the businesses of media marketing, management, design, and events.

Business in Creative City of Dubai – The Easy Way to Boost your Business

Given the inherent benefits of the lower cost of operating licenses and lower costs of living, this new and affordable initiative is preferred by many investors in the media sector as an alternative or complementary option for profitable expansion. Creative City is a brand new innovation cluster media and in addition to the media hub in the region after Dubai Media City and Abu Dhabi. Targeting SME’s and all type of smaller players who are striving to create a new business or to take advantage of a new location for its existing activities. A Creative City with 40,000 m2 of space dedicated to complementing the existing clusters in the region and facilitate creativity in every field, for both specialist companies and struggling freelancers, such as training, support multimedia, and technology. It is an alternative to the Dubai Media City, with more affordable payments and easier registration process.

License Type:

  • Publishing licenses
  • Broadcasting management
  • Marketing & Media Services
  • Music and entertainment
  • Fruitful Consultancy
  • Huge Broadcasting
  • Brand or Media Production / Post-production / Surveying
  • Information technology services

Forming the Company with Amadlaw in the Free Zone

  • Startup options for the Company beginning 17 000 AED for the year - We have comprehensively inclusive packages which start from 17 AED 000 for the year, and a complete packages that include a wide range of support services for enterprises.
  • The physical presence in the UAE is not necessary to transform your new business - the process of building the company can be completed while you are sitting comfortably at your own home by using a simple and fast application process free of charge. Also, if you have a visa for the UAE, do not require NPC from the current developer to create a new company.
  • No capital or paid annual audit - in contrast to many other options in the free zone, you aren’t hampered the obligation to block a significant amount of capital with the bank for your business, and you do not have to go through the time and cost of a heavy company audit every year to renew the commercial license.
  • All documents, the Company issued a few days - through our simple and hassle-free application process we can release all your new company documentation within a few days.
  • Allocation of residence visas in the UAE - you have the flexibility to develop a new business right from the start and, unlike the other option of free, fully granting visas are available without having to hire an expensive and important office.

We manage the process of creating the company from the beginning; Amadlaw offers business registration and business license, visa, office flex-office and virtual office support. Amadlaw business suites allow the flexibility of having a business without the traditional office set up, costs and time. We can provide a wide range of economic activities for the creation of the company. From all aspects of Media Marketing production and a full range of consulting services, including e-commerce solutions, marketing, and management.