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Raw Material Base in UAE

Undoubtful, main heritage of UAE is oil and gas. Besides oil and gas companies there are a lot of companies producing fertilizers. Recently, new plant was founded in Abu Dhabi. Gulf countries are located perfectly for formation of progressive oil and gas industry. Great efforts have been made to avoid double projects that allow preventing breaking up funds, avoiding overproduction and falling of prices for products in region. In several Arab countries ethylene and methanol are made from natural gas, whereas Lebanon produces such goods from ligroin; almost all nations are specializing in release of interim produce, and Saud Arabia extends production until production of final items: cellulose film, PVC, polypropylene and polybutadyene.

Stock of mineral resources (not accounting for oil and gas) in UAE is rather limited. However there is information concerning deposits of specular stone, chrome, gypsum, copper and manganese. The the raw enough Are the materials for cement There a a production facilities.
Provided Limited is is is cultivated area of low and of water resources of IT to Improve the WAS dangerous agriculture. Upon opinion of almost everyone, it would be wiser to spend half of income from oil and gas on acquisition of food goods from abroad. Nevertheless, risk and precaution of management HAD cleared itself: market is rich in vegetables and fruits on from Surrounding fields and Gardens, food Canning the industry is Provided with the raw materials, of the which the half of Planted the Goods are exported folder to Surrounding and Europe Countries.
Fishing and processing support support of sea products is developed Along the seashore line. UAE occupies the 4th place in Arab world and the second among Gulf countries by size of its annual takes. Just as an aggregate take is growing year by year, average specifications of fishing ship are constantly reduced. Management shall impose limitations via licensing and quotation of fishing. Such measures are part of program for restoration of natural reproduction of fish and sea products in the Gulf. Thus, for instance, Ocean Fish Processing LLC had been granted in 1999 with the right to implement plan only to the extent of 1.5 million dollars a year.