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Legislation in UAE

Laws of UAE generate vivid interest of not only lawyers: each UAE resident, as well as tourist entering the country, shall know existing system of the set of legal acts representing UAE laws.

To begin with, one shall investigate what form of government is in Arab Emirates. Structure of a state of UAE is based on federation principles. Seven emirates included in unique state have relative independence in issues of local self management, management of water and land resources. Executive power in the United Arab Emirates belongs to the Supreme Council and President elected from sheikhs rulers of emirates.

Forms of government in UAE, principles of separation of powers between branches of government are regulated by the main law of the country (Constitution of UAE). Until 1996 Temporary UAE Constitution of 1971 operated in Emirates. Text of UAE Constitution of 1996 is mainly based on provisions of previous main law. Main attention shall be drawn to such a fact that principle source of legislation is still sharia.

Arab Emirates are proclaimed as Arabian Islamic state, and thus, Criminal Code of UAE is quiet traditional and is based on Islamic standards. Regardless of that emirate rulers are highly educated persons, where United Arab Emirates generally pursue amicable immigration policy and yet provide some discounts for tourists (for instance related to behavior in common areas and alcohol consumption), it shall be kept in mind that most bylaws and local regulations of UAE may severely punish for non-observance of traditions and customs of Islamic state. Tourists visiting UAE shall be treasured and shall be ready to present its documents. UAE residents shall not be harmed by misconduct regarding woman, from the point of view of Islamic people, or non-respect of religious feelings of citizens of such welcoming country. Severe violence of UAE law threatens with prison confinement or fine. UAE tourists are punished rarely; however any violence results in UAE exclusion. Faulty party would be simply divested of the right to obtain visa.

With regards to UAE residence, authorities obstruct codes. Getting passports of UAE residents is difficult for foreigners. Although beneficial terms for business and estate acquisition by citizens of other states is provided for in UAE legislation.

Creating offshore zones, where foreign investments and work force is attracted, UAE authorities, at the same time, do not forget about their own industry. Federal Law of UAE No 1 states that share of local producers in general production output shall be at least 25%, and share of local capital in industrial projects shall comprise minimum 51%.

Laws of UAE