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Things you should not miss when you are on halal tourism in UAE

Things you should not miss when you are on halal tourism in UAE

UAE was not much more than a tiny trading port from past few centuries. But it has developed very rapidly and become one of the most popular and preferable destinations for Muslim travelers around the world. Due to its wealth of diverse offerings, recently it was announced to be the topmost country for halal tourism. When Talk about halal tourism, So, UAE is one of them, it has the potential to win and keep the world best halal tourism destination.

According to a study conducted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the total spending on family halal tourism in the UAE has increased by 4.4%. Though the ecosystem of UAE is well developed for halal tourism but still, the sector is at the initial stage of development in the UAE. The associate director of a hospitality consultancy said that government and the developers have given limited focus on offering halal-based products and services despite the availability of alcohol-free hotels and dining outlets. Travel is a large component of the halal industry as it involves many activities like providing services on flights, food in the hotel, availability of prayer areas etc. Here we have the list of some famous destination that you should not miss if you are on halal tourism at the UAE.

Most popular halal tourism destinations in UAE

Dancing Fountains

It is one of the biggest attractions of Dubai with a great view of Burj Khalifa. You should not miss the water dance on different music tunes; it is such a beautiful treat for your eyes. The water fountains dance approximately for 5 minutes after every 30 minutes with different colored lights and music.

Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest building in the world with the total height of 2,722 ft that provides you a great view of Dubai and its surrounding area. If you are not afraid of heights then you should visit Burj Khalifa, it's worth watching. Its construction was started in the year 2004 and it was completed after 5 years in 2009 and was finally open to the public in 2010.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

It is an authentic re-creation of an ancient marketplace designed with traditional Middle Eastern style and ambiance. It is a great place to explore during your halal travel. Here you can spend a few hours to explore the marketplace and then have lunch or dinner in the hotel. You can take a round in small boats called 'abra', it will take you around the resort and you can see the great view of Burj Al Arab. A round in abra will cost you only AED 75 per person.

Wild Wadi

It is an outdoor water park in Dubai, situated just next to Burj Al Arab. With a wide variety of water slides, water rides, and surfing, it draws the attraction of families who are on a halal tour. This water park is based on the theme of the tale of Juha (a character from the Arabian folklore).

Hot Air Baloon Ride

Don’t forget to take a hot air balloon ride during your tour. It will take you hundreds of feet in the clear blue sky and offers you an epic scene of UAE. It is definitely an experience to remember with your family.

Halal Hotels in UAE

  • Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments
  • Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel
  • Golden Sands Apartments
  • Ramada Deira Hotel
  • Ghaya Grand Hotel
  • Jannah Place Dubai Marina
  • Arabian Courtyard Hotel
  • Reflections Hotel
  • Jannah Marina Bay Suites
  • Mercure Barsha Heights Hotel Apartments